Project I: Conservation, characterization and sustainable utilization of genetic resources of spices [Project leader: Dr. K.V. Saji]

1.Gen. XXVIII (813): Conservation and characterization of Piper germplasm (2008-2020) [Dr. K.V. Saji, Dr. B. Sasikumar & Dr. Sharon Aravind]

2.Gen. XIX (813): Conservation, characterisation, evaluation and improvement of Zingiber and Curcuma sp. (2007-2020) [Dr. D. Prasath, Dr. B. Sasikumar, Dr. K.V. Saji & Ms. H.J. Akshitha]

3.Gen. XXXIII (813): Identification of core collection, characterization and maintenance of cardamom germplasm (2012-2017) [Dr. Sharon Aravind, Dr. S.J. Ankegowda & Dr. Mohammed Faisal Peeran]

Project II: Development of trait specific and improved varieties of spices through conventional breeding and biotechnological approaches [Project Leader: Dr. B. Sasikumar]

4.Gen. XXXI (813): Breeding black pepper for high yield, quality and resistance to stresses (2012-2017) [Dr. B. Sasikumar, Dr. Johnson K. George, Dr. K. V. Saji, Dr. T.E. Sheeja, Dr. T. John Zachariah, Dr. R. Suseela Bhai,Dr. K.S. Krishnamurthy, Dr. S. Devasahayam & Ms. S. Aarthi]

5.Gen. X (813): Breeding cardamom for high yield and disease resistance (2007-2018) [Dr. Sharon Aravind, Dr. Mohammed Faisal Peeran, Dr. C. M. Senthil Kumar and Mr. Narendra Chaudhary]

6.Gen. XXVI (813): Evolving high yielding and high quality nutmeg clones by selection (2007-2021) [Dr. J. Rema, Dr. K.V. Saji, Dr. B. Sasikumar, Ms. S. Aarthi & Mr. V.A. Muhammed Nissar]

7.Gen. XXXIV (813): Induction of variability in ginger through induced mutation for yield and disease resistance (2012-2017) [Dr. D. Prasath,Dr. R. Ramakrishnan Nair & Dr. R. Suseela Bhai and Dr. K. Anees ]

8.Gen. XXXV (813): Genetic improvement in turmeric through seedling selection and hybridization (2013-2020) [Dr. R. Ramakrishnan Nair & Ms. S. Aarthi]

9.Biotech. XIII (813): Development and deployment of Antimicrobial peptides against Phytophthoracapsici from tree spices (2016-2018) [Ms. P. Umadevi, Dr.Johnson K. George, Dr. R. Suseela Bhai & Dr. C. Sarathambal]

Externally funded
10.ICAR-CIB 1. Mining and validation of candidate gene markers and screening on antimicrobial peptides of black pepper and small cardamom (2015-17)[Dr. Johnson K. George, Ms. P. Umadevi, Dr. K.V. Saji, Dr. Sharon Aravind, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Sarika, Dr. M.A. Iquebal & Dr. U.B. Angadi (IASRI)]

11. Name of the Project : “Computational and experimental biology approaches for delineation of selected secondary metabolite pathways and antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) in major spices” (2017-2020) [Dr.Johnson K. George]


Project III: Development of resource conservation and management technologies for improving productivity of spices
[Project leader: Dr. K. Kandiannan]

12. Phy. X (813): Evaluation of black pepper and cardamom elite lines for yield and quality under moisture stress (2010–2020) [Dr. S.J. Ankegowda, Dr. K.S. Krishnamurthy Ms. H.J. Akshitha & Dr. M. Alagupalamuthirsolai]

13. Phy. XI (813): Source sink relationship, endogenous hormone levels and their relationship with rhizome development in ginger and turmeric (2011-2017) [Dr. K.S. Krishnamurthy, Dr. K. Kandiannan, Dr. V. Srinivasan & Dr. C.K. Thankamani]

14. SSC VI (813): Nutrient cycling and soil C sequestering potential of spice crops under different management systems (2011-2019) [Dr. V. Srinivasan, Dr. R. Dinesh, Dr. S.J. Ankegowda & Dr. S. Hamza]

15. AGR. XXXI (813): Development of fertigation schedule for better productivity in black pepper (2015-2018) [Dr. CK Thankamani, Dr. R. Dinesh, Dr. K Kandiannan and Dr. M. Alagupalamuthirsolai]

16. Phy. XII (813): Physiological interventions for yield improvement in small cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton) under weather extremities (2016-2021) [Dr.M.Alagu Palamuthir Solai, Dr. S.J. Ankegowda, Dr. Sharon Aravind]

Externally funded
17. ICAR Mega Seed Project(XXXVII(813)): Production of nucleus planting materials of improved varieties of spice crops (2006-2017) [Dr. K. Kandiannan, Dr. S.J. Ankegowda, Dr. J. Rema, Dr. K.V. Saji, Dr. D. Prasath & Dr. P. Rajeev]

18. ICAR-CPPHT-4: Network project on micronutrient management in horticultural crops for enhancing yield and quality (2014-2017) [Dr. R. Dinesh, Dr. V. Srinivasan, Dr. S.J. Ankegowda & Dr. S. Hamza]

19. ICAR-CPPHT: Delineation of spices zone beyond boundaries using climate analogue tools in changing climate (2016-19) [Dr. K. Kandiannan, Dr. M. Alagupalamuthirsolai and Mr. K. Jayarajan]

Project IV: Development, refinement and demonstration of integrated cropping system for improved total factor productivity in spices [Project Leader: Dr. V. Srinivasan]
20. Hort. VII (813): Evaluation of nutmeg for its suitability for high density planting (2011-2021) [Dr. J. Rema , Dr. Sharon Aravind & Dr.C. K. Thankamani]

Project V: Development, refinement and demonstration of organic production technology of spices for improved productivity, quality and soil health [Project leader: Dr. C.K. Thankamani]

21. ICAR-CPPHT-2: Network project on organic horticulture crops (2014-2017) [Dr. J. Rema, Dr. V. Srinivasan, Dr. K. Kandiannan, Dr. R. Dinesh, Dr. S.J. Ankegowda, Dr. C.N. Biju, Dr. C.M. Senthil Kumar & Mr. Narendra Chaudhary]

Externally funded
22. ICAR-CPPHT-1: Network project on organic farming (2007-2017) [Dr. C.K. Thankamani, Dr. V. Srinivasan, Dr. T. John Zachariah, Dr. R. Praveena & Dr. S. Shanmughavel]
Project VI: Development and refinement of post harvest handling, processing and value addition technologies for minimization of post harvest losses and diversified use of spices (Project leader: Dr. N.K. Leela)

23. PHT VII (813): Developing energy efficient processing technologies for spices (2013-2017) [Dr. E. Jayashree & Dr. N.K. Leela]

24. Org. Chem. IV (813): Chemoprofiling of Myristica species for nutraceutical and medicinal properties (2013-2018) [Dr. N.K. Leela & Dr. T. John Zachariah]

Externally funded
25. ICAR-CPPHT-3: Network project on high value compounds and phyto-chemicals (2014-2017) (Dr. T. John Zachariah, Dr. N.K. Leela, Dr. Santhosh J. Eapen & Ms. R. Sivaranjani & Dr. K. Anees)

26. KERALA State Project ‘Establishing a value chain incubation facility for processing of spices (ginger and nutmeg ) through value addition for entrepreneurship development at Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode’ [E. Jayashree and T. John Zachariah (2017-2019)]


Project VII. Bio-Intensive management of pests in spices (Project leader: Dr. T.K. Jacob)

27. Ent. XIV (813): Survey and documentation of naturally occurring entomopathogens in spice cropping systems (2012-2018) [Dr. C.M. Senthil Kumar, Dr. T.K. Jacob & Dr. M. Balaji Rajkumar]

Externally funded
28. ICAR-ORP 3: Outreach programme on management of sucking pests in horticultural crops: (2009-2018) [Dr. T.K. Jacob, Dr. M. Balaji Rajkumar & Dr. C.M. Senthil Kumar]

29. ICAR-CP 1. ICAR-Consortium research project on borers in network mode (2014-2017) [Dr. C.M. Senthil Kumar, Dr. T.K. Jacob & Dr. M. Balaji Rajkumar]

Project VIII. Integrated management of fungal and bacterial diseases of spices (Project leader: Dr. R. Suseela Bhai)

30. Crop. Prot. 1.5 (813): Integrated management of Phytophthora foot rot and slow decline diseases of black pepper (2008-2018) [Dr. R. Suseela Bhai, Dr. Santhosh J. Eapen, Dr. Rashid Pervez & Dr. T.P. Ahammed Shabeer, NRCG, Pune]

31. Path. XXIV (813): Surveillance, documentation and development of decision support system for pests and diseases of major spice crops (2016-2020) [Dr CN Biju, Dr. S. Devasahayam, Dr. Santhosh J. Eapen, Dr. T. K. Jacob, Dr. R. Suseela Bhai, Dr. A. Ishwara Bhat, Dr. C. M. Senthil Kumar, Dr. R. Praveena, Dr. Mohammed Faisal Peeran, Dr. C. Sarathambal, Dr. Lijo Thomas & Mr. K. Jayarajan]

32. Path. XXV (813): Spatiotemporal dynamics in relation to ecology and epidemiology of fungal foliar diseases in ginger and turmeric and management (2016-2020) [Dr. R.Praveena, Dr. R. Suseela Bhai, Dr. A. Ishwara Bhat, Dr. K S. Krishnamurthy & Dr. C. Sarathambal)

33. Path. XXVI (813): Revisiting wilt diseases of vanilla and exploitation of associated microbiome for its management (2016-2019) [Dr. Mohammed Faisal Peeran, Dr. C. Sarathambal& Dr. M. Alagupalamuthirsolai]

Project IX. Development of diagnostic kits and integrated management of viral diseases (Project leader: Dr. A. Ishwara Bhat)

34. Path XXIII (813): Identification and development of diagnostics for unknown viruses associated with cardamom and ginger (2016-2019) [Dr. A. Ishwara Bhat & Dr. C. N. Biju]


Project X. Improving knowledge and skill of stakeholders for increasing production of spices (Project leader: Dr. P. Rajeev)

35. DBT-SS1: Distributed Information Sub-Centre (2000-2018) [Dr. Santhosh J. Eapen]

36. Ext. VI (813). Capacity building and front-line intervention programmes for spice sector development in NE states and tribal empowerment (2014-19) (Dr. P. Rajeev & Dr. Lijo Thomas)

37. Eco. III (813): Economic analysis technology, market dynamics and policy scenario in major spice crops (2014-2019) (Dr. Lijo Thomas & Dr. P. Rajeev)

Externally funded
38. . Kerala State – CPPHT-4: Enhancing the economic viability of Coconut based land use systems for Land Use Planning in Kerala State. (2014-2017) [Dr. V. Srinivasan, Dr. R. Dinesh, Dr. R. Praveena, Dr. Lijo Thomas, Dr. P. Ratha Krishnan, Dr. S. Hamza, Ms. Mariya Dainy, Dr. K.M. Prakash, Dr. P.S. Manoj & KVK, Ernakulam]

39. . Kerala State –CP-1. Area wide integrated pest management for wilt diseases in black pepper (2014-2017) [Dr. R. Suseela Bhai, Dr. Santhosh J. Eapen, & Dr. K.K. Aiswariya]

40. DBT-SS2: Empowerment of rural women and youth in Kozhikode district through ornamental fish culture applying biotechnologies (2015-2017) (Dr. B. Pradeep and Dr. P. S. Manoj)