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Biocomputing Facility

IISR has set up a state-of-art data centre under the aegis of the ICAR Outreach Project on Phytophthora, Fusarium and Ralstonia in order to centralize its IT operations and equipment. A data centre is a dedicated space to house the most critical systems and is vital to the continuity of daily operations.The performance, operational integrity, security and reliability of the data centre are ensured with provisions for temperature and humidity controlled conditions, uninterrupted power supplies and back up, fire and water detection systems and security controls. Apart from the stand alone webserver, mailserver etc., a High Performance Computing (HPC) facility has also been set up exclusively for the analysis of next generation sequence (NGS) data. PhytoFuRa-HPC is a cluster of three nodes with GPU accelerators and high speed(InfiniBand) connections between nodes. Each node is with 8 processing cores, 48GB of RAM, and Intel Xeon processors. The processing speed of the HPC is 1.4 TF.