Innovative Value added Products from Spices Launched

The incubatee of  Business Planning and Development  (BPD) Unit of ICAR-  Indian Institute of Spices Research , Mr. Aloak Menon, Spizaar Pvt Ltd has come up with five new spice based innovative value added products. The products were developed at the  incubation facility of the BPD unit. 
The five products - Spizaar Super Chillies, Gatha Ginger - Cardamom Squash,  Enjineer: Ginger extract, Instant Tea ( Cardamom & Ginger Flavour ),Kaachi Hair Cream- were released by Dr. A.K.Singh  Deputy Director General (Horticulture), ICAR during the annual group meeting of ICAR - All India Coordinated Research Project on Spices. Dr. J Rema , Director ICAR - IISR  received the first batch of products.